10 Simply Amazing Offices Design

Working in a comfortable atmosphere increases overall mood and productivity. An office space that is well-designed tends to motivate workers hence increasing business success. Highly productive workspaces combine the comforts of a home with a professional touch. The right mix of color and light boosts happiness and a healthy workspace for all employees. Nowadays, many businesses have invested in creating fantastic offices spaces to boost employees’ focus. Outlined below a list of amazing office designs around the world.

  1. Google Offices, New York

Google offices across the world have creative and unique designs. However, the New York office design is probably the coolest. It consists of hammocks where employees can hang out during break periods.

  1. Pallotta Teamworks, Los Angeles 

These offices are designed in shipping containers located inside a warehouse. Each department in the specific organization is provided with self-contained containers to give them their own identity.

  1. Parliament Office, Portland, Oregon 

This company has made the most out of reclaimed wood and recycled material. They have incorporated old road signs, an ancient pizza oven among other items as part of the office design. However, they have also elevated the appearance of the old items by polishing them up and combining them with more modern elements.

  1. Dreamhost, California 

Dreamhost office makes use of the open plan office layout to motivate employees to work together. There are private rooms scattered in the building which are useful for meetings. Additionally, there are open areas where staff get to participate in various games such as pin pong as well as have delicious meals at the eateries.

  1. Facebook, California 

When Facebook was designing its offices, it gathered many ideas from their employees. The results were spectacular working spaces with large open spaces. The spaces are categorized into various sections including relaxation, skating, and music areas. Facebook is no doubt one of the organizations with the most comfortable and stylish offices.

  1. YouTube, California

YouTube office design consists of large open floors from where employees can work freely. There are also relaxation sections which include activities such as swimming, eating, riding, and a gym. Moreover, the office space has a production stage consisting of cameras, green screens, sound, and light equipment. Individuals with over ten thousand subscribers can have access to these facilities.

  1. Big In Japan, Texas 

This tech company has a fantastic open plan workspace. Part of its interior décor is a huge Hulk statue which is an exciting piece of art. A glass-walled conference room is set up to give room for privacy during meetings. Additionally, there are unique leather couches and bean bags from which you can enjoy a rock band or participate in various games.

  1. Airbnb Headquarters, San Francisco 

Airbnb has made traveling a whole lot easier by allowing tourist to opt for alternative accommodation other than hotels. These offices are designed to reflect the travel industry where camping tent-like structures are the meeting rooms.

  1. Pixar, California 

The Pixar offices are built to accommodate different types of structures. If you are looking for garden sheds, gaming rooms, and living rooms altogether, there is a chance you will find that at Pixar.

  1. Nike, Oregon 

The Nike office space may not be as massive as the Google offices. However, a lot of creativity gone into designing its walls with cool art. The modern design of the offices together with beautiful drawings on the walls display a certain level of class.