So back in 1990 my beloved 1986 GTI was approaching 100,000 miles, something that I thought was just the coolest thing ever. I got home from work on a Friday and the odometer was about 40 miles short of the magic 100K. A thought began creeping into my warped little mind. Could I hit exactly […]

Some are car-related, others are either just plain cool or funnier than hell… Right click on a picture and select “save link target as” to save each video to your machine. Gray-ed out videos are not available for download at this time. I will rotate various videos in and out periodically to keep from running

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Honey, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times, when you’re parallel parking the dump truck be sure to watch out for the the kid’s little red toy truck!      The story as I hear it is that the big Cat was waiting for the service truck (the little Ford).  While waiting

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Every Sunday evening I rotate two videos up onto the site. So if the video you want to see isn’t up right now, check back next week. Each video comes in both large and small versions to accommodate those of you on dialup as well as high-speed connections.. All the videos use the Divx5 codec.

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