The “100 at 100” speedo picture

So back in 1990 my beloved 1986 GTI was approaching 100,000 miles, something that I thought was just the coolest thing ever. I got home from work on a Friday and the odometer was about 40 miles short of the magic 100K.

A thought began creeping into my warped little mind. Could I hit exactly 100,000 miles at exactly 100mph? How cool would that be?

The next day I set out to a local stretch of road that is flat, straight and always devoid of cops (Hwy 599 between the 1st Ave S. bridge and I-5 in Tukwila for those of you that must know). I clocked the distance from the stoplight at the beginning of the road to the point I hit 100mph – bit less than 2 miles.

I drove around for a bit, planning to be at the stoplight right at 99,997 which would get me to 100,000 at just the right time. I had to wait around near the light for awhile so I could do this with no traffic around. I got the camera focused and set to take the picture.

Once the traffic was clear, I went for it! And the result is seen above. I was holding the steering wheel with my left hand. The camera was in my right taking the shot. I was concentrating partly on the road, and partly on getting the camera pointed the right direction. Not particularly safe and I spent an entire afternoon of my life doing it, but the result was definitely worth it…