It is based on David Kimble’s drawing which he did for Road & Track. I have two versions of this file: The Normal file is 1024×500 pixels and around 227K in size. It has a moderate amount of detail. Suitably sized for a Windows background. The Big file is 2500×1200 pixels and around 720K in […]

Every Sunday evening I rotate two videos up onto the site. So if the video you want to see isn’t up right now, check back next week. Each video comes in both large and small versions to accommodate those of you on dialup as well as high-speed connections.. All the videos use the Divx5 codec.

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A time traveler from 50 years ago would find today’s Formula 1 cars radically different, but would be equally surprised at the relative lack of change in engine technology. Turbochargers have come and gone and there hasn’t been a switch to two-stroke or rotary, scotch yoke engines – let alone to gas turbines or something

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