The roof is an essential part of any building; this is because it helps to provide protection to your home against the weather. If you have a roof that is in bad shape, your home will just look messy as well, and this just confirms that it is a very important thing for your home. […]

Working in a comfortable atmosphere increases overall mood and productivity. An office space that is well-designed tends to motivate workers hence increasing business success. Highly productive workspaces combine the comforts of a home with a professional touch. The right mix of color and light boosts happiness and a healthy workspace for all employees. Nowadays, many

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Some are car-related, others are either just plain cool or funnier than hell… Right click on a picture and select “save link target as” to save each video to your machine. Gray-ed out videos are not available for download at this time. I will rotate various videos in and out periodically to keep from running

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Honey, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times, when you’re parallel parking the dump truck be sure to watch out for the the kid’s little red toy truck!      The story as I hear it is that the big Cat was waiting for the service truck (the little Ford).  While waiting

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